• Yasmina Paolaggi

Got ya

It's in the middle of the night. And I am in the process to work out a new character for role. Recently life was and is very challenging. I had to experience a physical assault and found myself tracked in a crime scene, luckily I have a lawyer and was already in contact with him. And a few days ago I had a situation with a guy where I even can't say that I barely know that person, because I just saw this person often on the same dancefloors we danced a few times. Nice vibes, bit flirty, nothing wrong with that. He turned out as a complete social junky without any good manner how to behave and interact with women especially when you don't know a person at all. So his function was to be my arse-angel. So thank you arse-angel because I realised it's to look inside of me why I even crossed a guy like that who looks like a gentleman but acts like a gorilla. So my roles name is Stephanie and she would just say about recently Fuck it. And making no fuzz about all that. She's a fearless super cool bitch who knows exactly what she wants. Is very good in karate and knows to handle guns. She works for the CIA.


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