• Yasmina Paolaggi

Ok ok

It's fine. They are sweet. It's the very first project of this director. She is super nervous. I gave her a hug. I am just reminding myself: what am I here for and how can I best serve this project and everyone else included? Yes. I have to see the spiritual part in everything. It keeps me grounded and humble. I love to be a spreading channel of love. My film boyfriend is actually 25sh. It's just film. I am not responsible for the cast. That's someone else job, not mine. I am responsible for my moods, thoughts, actions that's my job. And I say may I best serve you and Helen McCann today.

By the way my daughter looks lovely she could be my daughter, its quite authentic. I mean she got a lot from her dad, right. Her dad is a lovely man. We are divorced for many years now. I am glad we managed to get along all these years.

I love my family. I love my boyfriend. I mean he is young. True. Men have even younger girlfriends. N'EST-ce pas?

Getting my makeup from Sally now. Xx


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